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Based upon the latest statistical data, retail sales are moving from traditional brick-and-mortar stores to the digital storefronts of eCommerce enterprises. As the increase of digital shopping expands into almost every industry, the requirement consistent performance and stability has never been greater. While the foundation of an efficient website is a solid design and correct development of physical and virtual components, the only way to maintain an enterprise is through comprehensive website monitoring.

While the concept of monitoring website performance and availability is nothing new, as the complexity of business-oriented websites grew the complexity of critical errors and complications simultaneously increased. In order to maintain a solid reputation among customers you must establish a digital platform based upon stability and performance.

Increase Organic Traffic

Many eCommerce and business websites rely on digital marketing to attract and retain customers. While marketing campaigns and community involvement are among the most effective ways to gain the public’s attention, the most powerful form of marketing results in organic traffic.

In the most fundamental sense, organic traffic is visitors who access your site through a search engine. This form of traffic is ideal, especially for eCommerce websites, as those who enter your site specifically requested information related to your enterprise. This results in traffic that’s not only free, but also highly-targeted to your business.

While attracting organic traffic is a multi-step process, which involves the cultivation of accurate and authoritative content, the performance and stability of your website plays a direct role in search engine rankings, which ultimately determines your organic traffic rate.

Increase Site Revenue and Customer Loyalty

Hundreds of large and small studies have found the performance and stability of a website is directly reflected in conversion rates, online revenue and customer loyalty. Websites that seem unreliable or slow are viewed as “suspicious” in the eyes of most Internet users. Due to the vast array of security threats bombarding online shoppers, many are more cautious than ever. Because of this, if your website features poor performance or error pages, the quality and safety of your enterprise come into question. For many, the moment this occurs they immediately click-out of the site. This can result in a significant drop in business revenue and reputation.

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