Do I Need a Monitoring Solution? Reasons Why Your Website Requires Monitoring



The notion of implementing a website monitoring tool is nothing new in the realm of digital enterprises. While this is a saturated topic, there is a surprisingly high number of networks operating either without a monitoring solution or with an inadequate tool. It doesn’t matter if you’re starting a small venture or operate a sprawling enterprise, your website requires some level of monitoring. While there are many reasons as to why this is essential, the following is considered fundamental in terms of monitoring benefits and importance.

Retain Visitors and Increase Loyalty

Visitor retention is at the forefront of discussion among many website development teams. The only way to truly succeed in the digital realm is to not only attract visitors, but provide such an outstanding experience these visitors return day-after-day. There are many ways an enterprise can accomplish this goal. While the foundation of visitor retention and loyalty is the quality of content and the value of its information, the backbone of an entire operation is the performance and stability of the entire network.

Website monitoring solutions ensure all major processes and metrics within a network are fully functional and performing at an optimum rate. Because many websites consist of a myriad of physical and virtual components, the only way to truly monitor its stability is through a well-developed monitoring tool.

Increase Conversion Rates

Studies have confirmed there is a direct connection between website performance and visitor conversion rates. No matter how you wish to view it; the faster your website, the greater your conversion rate. To sustain optimum performance levels, you must continually monitor and test website components throughout the day. Identifying specific issues and errors is the heart of a profitable and beloved eCommerce enterprise.

Targeted Traffic

The primary goal of any website marketing campaign is to attract a targeted demographic. While any visitor may find your offerings interesting, there are specific niche groups who are more likely to make a purchase or subscribe to a newsletter. The most effective way to attract this caliber of users is through organic methods, such as via search engine results. In order to increase organic traffic, you must increase your page rank for specific keywords. While content plays a direct role in page rank, the performance and stability of your entire website is influential in final placement. Website monitoring software sustains a level of performance and functionality search engines require for high rankings.

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