How Virtualization Assists in Monitoring and Managing Your Website



We live in a time where even the most dynamic IT infrastructures are highly flexible in terms of its use and operation. It’s this flexibility that has caused such a dramatic increase in website capabilities. However, with this advancement in website infrastructure and design, the need for virtualization within website monitoring is greater than ever. In order to truly implement the most effective monitoring techniques and technologies, you must understand the connection between virtualization and website monitoring.

Infrastructure Distribution and Use

The majority of websites utilize applications to communicate with visitors and perform critical business processes. Applications may be distributed across an entire infrastructure, such as on different networks, servers or even in the cloud. Because the distribution of the modern infrastructure has moved from a single location to literally hundreds of locations throughout the world, the need for virtualization to monitor and manage your entire enterprise is paramount.

Perhaps the biggest challenge for many IT professionals is identifying and monitoring an entire infrastructure that’s scattered throughout various servers and locations. The most effective way to beat this challenge and maintain full control and understanding of your infrastructure is through virtualization. This method collects all data and information from every system component, regardless of where it’s hosted or used, and places this information into an easy-to-understand interface. Within this interface, you’re given detailed statistics regarding the current health of each application and page element. In fact, most administrator’s who utilize a virtualization monitoring solution are able to manage and review even the most complex infrastructures with ease.

Adaptability for Infrastructure Growth

It’s important to regard your infrastructure as a living, breathing creature. Much like any other living being, your infrastructure will grow and stretch as time goes on. More than likely, this growth will involve the adoption of more complex applications and dynamic page elements, which must be hosted in a variety of locations. With virtualization, the monitoring solution is capable of adjusting and growing alongside your infrastructure. This allows an entire enterprise to grow without fear of leaving essential elements in the dark.

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